Convenient Options Available To Overcome Addiction While Maintaining a Normal Daily Routine

Peace Valley Recovery provides a wide range of addiction treatment options, including drug rehab in lieu of or following inpatient services. We work with adults who are dealing with a wide variety of drug addiction issues, and our teams help you create an individualized plan to advance your recovery in a way that works best for you and your situation. Follow the link to learn more about our therapy programs.

Find Out More About Treatment at Peace Valley Recovery

Peace Valley Recovery offers drug rehab services to help individuals overcome addictions to a wide variety of substances, including heroin, prescription painkillers and cocaine. Our treatment options range from partial hospitalization programs to individual or group counseling, and the caring admissions staff works with you to understand where you are in the recovery process and what options might be best for you.

Learn more about our therapy programs or call 215-780-1953 today to speak with our admissions staff. Conversations with us are always confidential, and you’ll be able to talk to experienced, nonjudgmental staff who will listen to your story and provide you with information and resources to take the next step.

Drug treatment is available to fit a range of needs. At Peace Valley Recovery, we begin by understanding your unique situation and talking with you about what your goals are for treatment. Then, we recommend a service or approach that meets those requirements — whether or not that means using our services.

First, we consider whether outpatient drug rehab is the right step for you at this time. In some cases, taking the time for yourself during inpatient or residential rehab is important. This step lets you break away from environments or triggers that could be hurting your chances for recovery, and it’s typically a critical component for individuals who don’t have a supportive or caring environment to turn to.

However, in cases where someone is struggling with addiction but that addiction is not being driven by home life, other recovery programs may be a viable solution. If you have a family or home situation where people are ready, willing and capable of supporting you through the early weeks of recovery, then the ability to sleep in your own bed and see those people daily while also partnering with professionals for treatment during the day can be beneficial.

Other times outpatient services may be the right choice include:

  • When you’re leaving a higher level of treatment (such as inpatient) and aren’t ready to fully step away from professional support on a daily basis
  • When you’re moving through recovery steps, reducing the amount of professional support you receive by participating in different levels of treatment as you establish a new normal life
  • When you feel you are close to relapsing or you’ve had a relapse and want to return to consistent support to keep from falling further back into the addiction cycle

Many people try to work out their own recovery solo. They do so for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are embarrassed or worried about the consequences if they tell anyone about their drug use. But working with professionals provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Support from professionals who understand how the cycle of addiction works and can help you equip yourself to face it
  • A secure, tranquil setting where you can open up about your struggle to professional counselors and recovery peers without fearing judgment or reprisal
  • A structured plan of action that lets you work through recovery in an individualized fashion that bolsters your chances of success
  • Medical support if needed to deal with withdrawal symptoms or other issues related to drug use or stopping drug use
  • Assistance in considering any potential coexisting diagnoses, such as depression or anxiety, and referrals for further treatment if necessary

If you’re worried about what your family or employer might think about you seeking recovery services, consider this: You’re much more likely to engage in negative behaviors that can impact your relationships and career if you remain in the addiction cycle. Plus, in many cases, employers are not allowed to let you go or fire you because you sought drug rehab services; the Family Medical Leave Act and other legal provisions protect you.

Another concern that keeps some people from seeking treatment involves money. At Peace Valley Recovery, we hope that no one avoids calling us because they’re too scared about the financial impact of drug treatment. We can help you understand all your options when it comes to paying for rehab, including:

  • Whether insurance will cover your treatment
  • How much insurance is likely to pay for your treatment
  • What types of payment arrangements are possible to cover your portion of any costs