Peace Valley Recovery is a top rated addiction treatment facility located in Pennsylvania.

When adding content to our website, we strive to provide medically accurate information surrounding addiction and related disorders. Our goal is to provide resources that help individuals learn about addiction and recovery, whether it is to help themselves or a loved one.

Our editorial team continuously reviews content to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.

Read on to learn more about our Editorial Policy.

Our Process

There is a lot of information available on the internet about addiction and mental health issues. Not all of it is correct. Our team only consults the most trusted resources when writing site content.

This includes:

  • National professional organizations like the American Psychological Association and American Medical Association
  • Federal public health agencies like the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control
  • Educational research institutions
  • Peer-reviewed scientific journal

We avoid wiki-type sources that can be edited by the public and sources that may not be updated regularly.

We aim to be a trustworthy, reliable source for individuals who wish to learn more about addiction and recovery.

Our Audience

We understand the struggle of addiction and convey that through our content. We aim to produce content that is accessible and easy to understand.

Our intended audience is adults struggling with addiction themselves, and loved ones who are looking to learn more. We write in simple, straightforward terms, so you do not need a Ph.D. to understand our content.

We want to empower our audience. Although addiction is very challenging, help is available. We seek to convey a message of hope and inspire those reading to seek treatment.

Our Contributors

All of our content contributors have extensive experience writing in this subject area. Before being published, all of our content is reviewed for an extra layer of accuracy.

Our writers and reviewers are:

Nicole Colwell – Content Writer
Gerard Bullen – Content Writer
Elliot Redwine – Content Writer
Dr. Conor Sheehy – Medical Reviewer
Dr. Elizabeth Drew – Medical Reviewer

Our content is reviewed regularly. Science is always changing. As new research emerges and treatments become available, we update our pages to reflect new findings. Also, the date an article was last reviewed by our team is always published, so you can be confident you are reading recently reviewed content.

Our Philosophy

Achieving wellness and long-term sobriety is attainable. We hope to provide support and solutions needed to overcome addiction for those seeking help.

Our content is targeted to guide these complex and sensitive issues. Our goal is to provide resources that are easy to read and will inspire a reader to take the first step toward recovery.

We hope we have the opportunity to partner with you to provide the tools and information needed to heal.