Designed to support individual growth and healing

At Peace Valley Recovery, you’ll find a wide range of treatment programs to help you step out of the cycle of addiction and develop the right skills and mindset to remain on the road to recovery. From traditional individual therapy and life skills development to recreational opportunities such as equine therapy, our substance abuse programs are designed to support individual growth and healing.

Peace Valley Recovery Offers the Following Individualized Treatment Options

Our therapists and other experienced, qualified staff members work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs and helps you work toward the goals you set for your time in rehab. While we always approach matters with best practices such as evidence-based treatment in mind, we also ensure your voice is heard.

Your specific treatment plan may include:

  • Individual therapy with a certified therapist who can help you address unique matters related to your addiction, mental health and overall life
  • Group therapy led by qualified counselors who direct people in recovery through helpful discussions, role-playing and other activities so they can support and learn from each other
  • Structured family therapy that lets you and your loved ones speak honestly and safely about issues and begin to work on healing together

Abstinence-Based Treatment Models

Abstinence-based models, such as those used in 12-step programs like AA and NA, can be foundational elements in your rehab through Peace Valley Recovery. By starting a 12-step program in treatment — or at least learning about it and how to live it — you can get ahead of the game on a proven method for seeking sobriety throughout the rest of your life.

Recreational Therapies

Recreational therapies draw on the power of play and activity, providing a number of benefits for individuals working through the recovery process.

First, hobbies and leisure activities simply improve overall quality of life. Breaking the cycle of addiction is hard work. You’ll face issues such as withdrawals, spend time putting your mind and spirit through the wringer as you strive to discover root causes for substance abuse and put your brain to work learning new skills and knowledge about addiction. All this work may be stretched throughout the day during partial hospitalization program treatment or crammed into a few hours during intensive outpatient treatment. Either way, recreational therapies provide a much-needed break.

A second benefit of methods such as yoga therapy, music therapy or equine therapy is that they help you learn and practice healthier coping skills. 

Finally, recreational therapies bolster confidence and overall mental health by improving your mood, reducing anxieties and even bettering your physical health.

Peace is a critical aspect of recovery at our facility, and you never have to worry about being pushed into activities you’re not comfortable with. We offer a wide range of recreational therapies and work with you to choose opportunities that best promote the benefits above.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

Addiction is a chronic disorder that can impact your entire life, including your own body, mind and soul and extending to affect your family, career, social relationships, education and even your freedom. That’s why Peace Valley Recovery takes a holistic approach to addiction therapy.

We don’t believe it’s enough to heal one aspect of the person, which is why we don’t detox you and send you on your way. Clearing your body of drugs or alcohol is just the first step in the recovery process, and many people don’t realize they have to relearn how to live a sober and clean lifestyle.

Our compassionate staff work with you as you venture further into the recovery journey, whether that means supporting adventure-based therapy that drives up confidence or lending a professional, caring ear and offering advice during individual therapy.

For more information about Peace Valley Recovery’s extensive substance abuse programs for treating drug or alcohol addiction, call 215-780-1953 or contact us online today.