A safe, comforting environment that lets you work through addiction recovery in a way that works for you

We know the name sounds formal and possibly even frightening, but you’re not going to be in a traditional hospital setting when you receive this treatment. In fact, our facility is upbeat and tranquil, designed to create a safe, secure place where you can share your struggle with addiction and work with staff to grow into recovery and sobriety.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Partial hospitalization is a name that harkens back to days when most inpatient drug or alcohol rehab occurred in an actual hospital environment. To participate in these programs, people would be admitted to the hospital as an inpatient. But not everyone needed 24-hour supervision and treatment services, so PHPs were born. They offered similar therapies and treatment during the day but allowed individuals to return to their homes at night.

Now, PHP treatment options are often offered by outpatient rehab providers such as Peace Valley Recovery. These programs can vary but typically feature:

  • Full-day programming that provides structured support for someone in recovery. Sessions might include group and individual therapy, recreational therapy, case management, medication management and education about factors related to addiction and recovery.
  • Programming every day of the week; in some cases, PHPs offer programming on weekends.
  • The option to step down into less intensive outpatient therapy programs as part of a long-term recovery plan.

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Contact Peace Valley Recovery for More Information

You don’t have to make the decision right now about what type of treatment is best for you. You simply have to make the decision to get help and reach out. Call us or use our contact form to request more information. Our experienced admissions staff listens to your story and helps you understand what treatment program might be the best step for you — whether it’s our PHP or not.

PHP works as the next step in recovery after inpatient treatment or as the first step in recovery for individuals who don’t need or desire residential recovery for any reason.

In cases where someone has completed a residential treatment program, PHPs allow them to begin slowly integrating back into family or social life without giving up the structured professional support that might be necessary at this stage in rehab. The person usually spends the entire day at the PHP and returns home at night, which can offer them the chance to reintegrate into family units and begin to work on living their new, sober lifestyle.

In some cases, PHP treatment may be the first step in recovery. It allows you to seek full treatment without being away from your family or home for an extended period, which may be helpful for some individuals. If the stress of being away from home — or the need to restructure an entire family to do so — would put your recovery at risk, then you might want to consider outpatient PHP options.

While PHP treatment at Peace Valley Recovery lets you work with experienced staff and receive daily support as you work to overcome your addiction, inpatient treatment offers a few things that aren’t as possible in outpatient programs. First, residential treatment lets you take a break, which can be important if your environment plays a critical role in pushing you toward alcohol or drug abuse. Second, if you need medically assisted detox, you might want the peace of mind afforded by 24-hour access to clinical staff members.

At Peace Valley Recovery, we work to provide a safe, comforting environment that lets you work through addiction recovery in a way that works for you. We believe in individualized treatment planning. That doesn’t mean you’re on your own to figure it all out, but it does mean you’ll be involved in planning your treatment.

You’ll take part in a structured, preplanned program each day that might include individual, group and recreational therapy. We’ll work with you to understand and address any medication concerns and help you develop coping mechanisms. If you’re experiencing mental health issues related to your drug or alcohol addiction, such as anxiety or depression, those will also be addressed during treatment sessions. In some cases, family therapy could be part of your PHP program, and as you approach the time to step down from partial hospitalization, we’ll work with you to create an aftercare plan to support continued sobriety.