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Last Updated: August 19, 2021

The state of Pennsylvania is in the middle of an alcohol and drug crisis and Chalfont isn’t exempt. Like other towns in the state, the need for alcohol and drug rehab resources in Chalfont, PA is evident. Multiple deaths due to drug overdose happened in both the town and surrounding areas. Bucks County saw a total of 779 opioid overdoses in the last 12 months.

Use throughout Pennsylvania is no different. More than an estimated 293,000 residents struggled with an illicit drug use disorder in the last year. Pennsylvania ranks third-highest in the country for deaths due to drug overdose. The severity of the opioid crisis shows few signs of slowing down.

Alcohol and drug abuse are serious conditions but are also treatable. Thankfully, Chalfont and other nearby areas provide alcohol and drug rehab resources to those who need help. There are methods of recovery for every person who wants to live an alcohol- and drug-free life.

Are you looking for rehab resources in Chalfont, Pennsylvania? The following list is a great place to start.

Free Rehab Resources in Chalfont, PA

Chalfont, PA is a smaller town situated in Bucks County. There aren’t as many free rehab resources in Chalfont, PA as there are in bigger cities nearby. If you’re looking for free treatment facilities in the area you’ll need to travel to a larger metro area like Philadelphia.

Still, residents have some local resources available, such as recovery support meetings. These groups provide a place for you to build a recovery community and find others who understand what you’re going through. Trying to stay alcohol- and drug-free alone is a huge challenge. Recovery support meetings keep you from doing it by yourself.

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Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is a fellowship that focuses on sharing a solution to alcoholism. It established the 12-step approach to recovery used by millions around the world today. Members of AA gather in weekly meetings to share their experiences and provide hope to those who are newly sober.
Narcotics Anonymous, also called NA, is a program based on AA that helps those in recovery from drug addiction. NA meetings provide support and accountability for anyone who wants to quit using substances. You can try out one of the weekly meetings in Chalfont, PA to find out whether NA is a useful resource for you.
Al-Anon and Alateen provide support to the friends and family of people who abuse drugs or alcohol. Alcoholism and addiction affect more people than the one who drinks or uses; loved ones suffer, too. Al-Anon and Alateen meetings are a way for these individuals to build a support system of their own.
SMART Recovery is an alternative to 12-step recovery. Not everyone finds the solution they need in the rooms of Anonymous programs. SMART Recovery focuses on building self-reliance to recover from addictions of all kinds.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Chalfont

Alcohol and drug addiction are progressive conditions. Over time, your body develops a dependence on these substances and you cannot quit without help. Sometimes you need more assistance than a recovery meeting can offer. You may need to check into an alcohol and drug rehab in Chalfont or another town nearby.

Alcohol and drug rehab are available to anyone trying to quit drinking or using substances. These facilities understand the complex conditions of addiction and alcoholism. Rehabs use a combination of therapy, group sessions, activities, medication, and more to treat addiction. They’re an excellent choice for anyone struggling to stop on their own.

There are a few types of alcohol and drug rehab in Chalfont and other towns. The type of program you need depends on your individual needs. What are your options for drug and alcohol treatment?

Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehabs Near Chalfont, PA

Inpatient alcohol and drug rehab programs are the most intensive option for treatment. Patients attend treatment programming during the day, including individual and group therapy, activities, and more. Inpatient also provides a residential component to house patients in the evenings. This 24-hour structure and support lay a solid foundation for recovery.

Most inpatient programs are offered on a 30-, 60-, or 90-day basis. Treatment usually takes place 5 days per week for 8 hours per day. The length of treatment usually depends on the severity of addiction and individual needs. There are about 42 programs offering alcohol and drug rehab near Chalfont, PA.

Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehabs Near Chalfont, PA

Outpatient and intensive outpatient alcohol and drug rehab offer another option for addiction treatment. These programs provide a similar curriculum to inpatient rehab but for fewer hours during the week. Most outpatient programs meet 3 days of the week for 3 to 5 hours each day. They allow for more scheduling flexibility compared to full-time residential programs.

Patients who complete an inpatient program often transition into an outpatient program after. It provides additional time to take the necessary steps to reintegrate into everyday life. Many outpatient programs that function as inpatient treatment aftercare help patients find employment, education, and more.

Some people who don’t need the 24-hour support provided in higher levels of care. They find an intensive outpatient program is a perfect solution for their needs. Outpatient alcohol and drug rehab require less time commitment during the week. If you have responsibilities during the day that you can’t miss, outpatient treatment lets you balance them with treatment.

There are about 143 outpatient alcohol and drug rehabs near Chalfont, PA.

The Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Near Chalfont, PA

There are hundreds of drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Chalfont, PA, and the surrounding area. Not all treatment programs offer the same quality care that you’re looking for, though. Choosing the best treatment program for you can be confusing and overwhelming.

Peace Valley Recovery is the best drug and alcohol rehab near Chalfont, PA. We know that effective addiction and alcoholism treatment requires an individualized approach from understanding clinicians. To learn more about our program, reach out to one of our admissions specialists with any questions you might have.

We’re here to walk you through each step, from the first call to your final day. Are you ready to take the first step towards your new life? Fill out our form online and a specialist will call you, or you can call us now at (215) 780-1953.

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