Alcohol and Drug Rehab Resources in New York

out of 100,000 people died of a drug-related overdose in 2017

higher than the rate in 2016

It doesn’t matter where you live, addiction is a problem. The news will preach the dire straits of the opioid epidemic.

But that’s just one of a wide variety of options faced by someone suffering from addiction.

Whatever you, or someone you love, is facing, the battle with addiction is life-or-death for everyone involved.

At Peace Valley Recovery, we offer a vital step in overcoming addiction and the resources and connections to help people find victory over addiction on their journey.

Victory is possible.

Call us today. Wherever you live, we’re just a phone call away. Our company goal is to provide the right steps for you to find success on your journey.

Find Freedom from Addiction in New York

We understand the challenges of overcoming addiction. It is a hard road to travel alone. Most people need help, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for that help.

At Peace Valley Recovery, we are proud to tell you that we are part of the best recovery network in your area.

Quitting any addiction requires relearning to live without that substance.

Depending on your level of addiction, we have different options to help you find success. Whether you need detox, inpatient, outpatient, sober living options, or support groups, we have the resources to help you take the right steps.

Whatever your specific needs, we vow to help you find the right program.

Detox and the Trials of Withdrawal

For success, you need to cut yourself off from your drug of choice.

Too many people have thought they could handle things on their own and tried to slowly wean themselves off of their addiction. Most often, this isn’t enough.

The longer you’ve battled the addiction, the deeper the hold the drug has on your system. Withdrawal is often enough to cause people to quit rehab.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Having the right support and structure surrounding you can be the difference between success and failure. Detox facilities exist to help people work through the growing pains of withdrawal.

Inpatient Rehab

This is the next step.

Once the drugs and alcohol are successfully purged from your system, a residential facility allows you to keep structure around you while you establish a life without your addiction.

These programs generally run between 30-90 days and provide round-the-clock service.

You won’t spend the whole time in treatment programs. Instead, you will begin to learn to balance life with the need to combat addiction.

This may seem intense at the time, but the structure allows you the ability